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Meghan‘s Funeral will be held on Monday October 24th at 2 pm at the Chapel of the Bells on Center Street North.  Meghan‘s mom Lisa welcomes all ringette teams.  All in attendance have been asked to come dressed in a sports jersey or bright colors. Lisa was very clear that there should not be any formal dress as this will be a celebration of life.

Donations can be made at any ATB Branch

  08749-219-00690293600 Meghan Bomford - Trustee Dan Hughes
  08749-219-00690603600 Kelsey Nelson - Trustee Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes from Cal-East is working with Trevor Hall from Northwest, to make sure all the family‘s needs are met.  They will be compiling lists of volunteers to help with meals and daily chores from helping clean around the house to driving other kids to events if needed.  We would encourage anyone who would like to be a part of this initiative to email and they will be grabbing resources as the family‘s need them. Any new Ideas of how to help are welcome as well.

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